Peter Lovenheim: Becoming a Mediator

Becoming a Mediator

Your Guide to Career Opportunities

With Emily Doskow, 2004

The need for mediation is growing by leaps and bounds—and qualified mediators are needed to fill the demand. This book is your guide through all the possible careers in the field.

Most mediators feel that helping people end conflicts is special work, and, they’re sustained by rewards beyond money, praise, or fame. But with no obvious career path and no prescribed courses to take or degrees to earn, how does one become a mediator? Whatever your background—whether in law, social work, teaching, psychology, business, homemaking, or parenting—you can become a mediator and find a satisfying career says Peter Lovenheim. Becoming a Mediator shows you how, offering a practical, nuts-and-bolts guide to breaking into the field and a no-nonsense approach to the reality of current professional opportunities.

Becoming a Mediator is the only book I’ve seen that lays out an up-to-date blueprint for getting into an engaging career…”
—Joyce Lain Kennedy, Syndicated Careers Columnist
“Lovenheim and Doskow, in a satisfying read, effectively present those interested in a mediation career with all of the information necessary to make that dream a reality.”
—Judge Paul A. Aielle (Retired), Legal Editor, The Electric Review
Peter Lovenheim: Mediate, Don't Litigate

Mediate, Don’t Litigate

Strategies for Successful Mediation

With Lisa Guerin, 2004

Skip the painful process of litigation—turn to mediation and save money, time and headaches!

Mediate, Don’t Litigate provides detailed information on settling divorce, business and employment disputes, as well as sample mediation rules, contact information for state, national and regional mediation organizations, and the standards of conduct for mediators.

“This is your ticket out of the litigation trap. Mediate, don’t procastinate!”
—Bob Rosner, internationally syndicated columnist, author of Gray Matters
“Assists mediation participants as they prepare for the mediation process. An informative guide if you are considering mediation.”
—James Melamed, CEO of
“This one-of-a-kind book tells you exactly what you need to know.”
—Andrew Thomas, Executive Director, Center for Dispute Settlement